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Emoticons are words that have an emotional connotation, and they are a way for our conscious being to think, feel, and act. So the ability to express your emotions is essential to a successful project that relies upon emotive expression.

Emoticons help you express yourself in a way that is easy to grasp and easy to remember, and that’s probably something a lot of people don’t realize. For example, in Facebook, you can add emoticons to your status. In my own Facebook page, I have many different emoticons, including some that aren’t even used in my personal page, such as a smiley face character.

The problem for us is that these emoticons arent even used in Facebook. They are only used by people who have made their own Facebook pages. For example, I use the smiley face emoticon on my own page, but not on Facebook. Ive noticed that people who have made their own Facebook pages or have made their own pages that are specifically for expressing emotions often only use these emoticons to express their emotions.

If you are looking for a Facebook emoticon that isnt used by a person who has made their own page, look no further than the ones provided by the various emoticons sites. The problem with these is that most of them are really ugly and don’t really represent a person’s feelings.

Emo looks really good. I like it. It’s probably because of the way it is used that emoticons really became so popular, but I guess it’s because there are so many emoticons to choose from.

The truth is that this is a very recent phenomenon. A few years ago most of us had to make a decision between using a “neutral” emoticon and a custom one. The problem is that custom emoticons can cost a lot of money and not all things are “perfect” in the way that a custom emoticon can. Many things that used to be emoticons in the past are now just logos for a site or some type of icon.

But even when the custom emoticons don’t look right, people still want to use them. My own personal favorite is the “I’m not a nerd!” emoji. People like to use this as a shorthand for “Hey, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” But if you take the time to actually look at it, it’s actually a pretty accurate description of who you are.

I think the most popular emoticon of all is the now-generic “huh” from the show “Community”, which is the best kind of a joke, because its a joke at yourself. It’s funny to see other people laugh at you without laughing at you. If you’re going to have a joke at someone, you should at least make it good.

I think the most important part of being a good emoticon is actually having a joke at yourself. Its not easy to do, but I think the most important thing is the fact that you are being funny.

I think the second most important thing is actually making your joke good. Not making it great is a waste of your time.The most important thing for an emoticon to have is a good joke. The most important thing for a joke to be is a good joke. The rest of it just follows.



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