15 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About gifts for financial advisors


At BOL, we are well versed in the financial services that your financial advisor is offering. We look forward to discussing with you the options that your financial advisor is offering that will benefit your financial plan.

There are several kinds of financial advisor. Most can be quite helpful, but in many ways they are just marketing tools. They sell you things like a retirement plan or a 401k. If you’re looking at these plans as a long-term investment, they’re selling you a pension fund or a life insurance policy. Your advisor should be selling you the actual financial plan that you need to fund your plan.

The problem with financial advisors is that they are just salespeople. Their job is to sell that solution to you, and it is up to you to find that solution for yourself.

Financial advisors have a lot to answer for, but they are also a lot of salespeople. People, especially younger people, make their own decisions about their finances. So it makes sense that their job is to sell you that solution. The problem is that selling is an all-or-nothing endeavor. If you don’t get the solution, you lose your money.

This is something that I think is often left out of financial advisor training. In theory, the whole point of financial advisors is to help you to save your money. That was the whole point of the training I went through as an active member of the Financial Planning Association. They also sell financial tools. Like calculators, spreadsheets, and other tools to help you to manage your money. But they are very sales-driven.

It’s easy to get a bad situation because the only people who will ever ever know the reason for the situation are those who will always be in that situation. You can’t get a bad situation if you don’t know for certain. You can’t get a bad situation if you don’t know for certain. If you don’t know for certain it’s something that’s not obvious to the general public.

Not to say that everyone has this problem, but the fact that financial advisors have been caught in an illegal practice, and will be prosecuted, is a very strong argument for having a policy requiring the disclosure of a client’s financial situation to anyone who asks. The fact that I can’t remember how my savings and investments are doing is proof that I still have a lot of questions.

All the best to anyone on the internet.

If you don’t need to be a financial adviser, all you need to do is go to your bank and ask for an account statement from the last three months. If you’re lucky enough to meet a financial advisor, this might be the very first time that you need to explain why you’ve been missing the last three months.



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