12 Companies Leading the Way in operating principles for impact management


Impact management is about doing things right the first time and in the most impactful way possible.

One of the more popular ways of doing this is to use a checklist, but we find it’s best to do impact management in a much more tangible way.

Impact management is all about doing things right the first time and in the most impactful way possible. A good example of a checklist that helps us reach this is this one from a great blog called In Action.

Instead of just writing a list of things you want to do, focus on things you don’t want to do or the things that will take your work away from you. A great example of this is the post from a colleague on LinkedIn regarding how he’s been trying to take better care of himself while going through a rough time. The post is titled “10 Things I Wish I’d Done Before I Went to Harvard.

In our post, we talk about how we should be working more on our ability to let go of things that we don’t want to get done and focusing on the things we actually want to get done. We don’t want to write a list of things we want to do, but rather a list of things we want to avoid doing.

It’s not about prioritizing things, it’s about making people happy, and it’s also about making our jobs easier. You can’t really blame this on the fact that nobody else is doing things that you want to do. But it’s very important to be able to do that.

Well yeah, but it’s not about the fact its not you. This is about the fact that we are all doing things that we dont want to do, that we dont want to accept, and that we dont want to make our jobs easier. This is what has everyone in the office working crazy hours, taking vacation every weekend, then not showing up for work. And the best news about all of this is that it’s not all your fault.

The idea of “working crazy hours” is a good one. But let’s be honest here. Most of us will be on crazy hours, but most of us will be doing it because it’s our job. And no, that’s not something to laugh at. But if we don’t accept our jobs as what they are, then we are not doing our jobs as we should.



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