15 Up-and-Coming spengler cup Bloggers You Need to Watch


Today’s guest is none other than Joe Spengler. I first met Joe at the inaugural South By Southwest (SXSW) conference back in 2010. I was lucky enough to be able to take a class with him that made me learn more about his work, and even more importantly, his research. While I didn’t learn a ton about his research, I did learn that he is not one to shy away from exploring the boundaries of the human mind.

Joe’s research has led him to explore the boundaries of what we can and cannot accept. A recent article in Nature describes how Joe has developed a machine that can detect the thoughts of others. This machine is called a “spengler cup,” and its purpose is to help people feel more comfortable with their thoughts, and thus to reduce the amount of mental distress that people feel when they’re talking to someone who they feel has different beliefs than they do.

We don’t know if the machine can detect thoughts, or if it’s more like a spy camera/smoke detector. Either way we’re glad we had a chance to check it out. Of course, it may be that Joe has some way to detect thoughts that other machines lack, because it’s a fascinating and potentially life-saving technology.

I mean, if its not just spengler but a machine that can distinguish between thoughts, how are people supposed to know that theyre talking to a human? It seems to be a very clever and advanced way of detecting thoughts. However, as we have seen before, the machine may not be as smart as we think it is, because there are still some people who feel like theyre communicating with a machine.

It’s a clever concept, but we’re still not quite sure it works as well as the creators of the technology claim. As far as I can see, the only thing it can do is tell if someone is talking to a human, so if a person is talking to a machine, it will just tell them theyre talking to a human. It’s all over the internet though, people have started using it to communicate with their pets.

Spengler cups are a little more sinister, but the more they put in over the years, the more they think that the only way to communicate is through their cup, which has a number of different forms. The first is a cup that is placed on the bottom of a cup holder, with the top covering the cup and the bottom covering the top. The cup holder is a small (in the UK) container filled with clear, creamy white liquid.

This is usually the last thing you want your pet to drink, but if it’s in a cup, it will taste good. Spengler cups make the liquid really thick and creamy, and they have a number of different shapes and sizes that can be used for different purposes. The biggest ones are a cup for holding liquid, and the smaller one is a cup for drinking water.

I can’t get enough of spengler cups. They’re so convenient. They’re also fun to drink. It’s fun to sip and drink liquid with a spengler cup.

A bunch of Spengler cups. Each is a set of sponges, made from sponges for different purposes. They’re also a little smaller but I think this is the best for keeping it cold. The only thing I can think of that makes a cup is that it’s made of sponges, which means it is thicker. You can’t really get too much sponges and they make a little more sense.

I dont think Ive ever seen a spengler cup before. So I dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing.



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