11 Ways to Completely Sabotage Your zealand pharma stock


This was a stock I bought back in May after reading about their product by a fellow investor. After reading this article, I decided to buy into the company. I’ve been a fan of their products since I was a kid. If I had a chance to buy stock in them in person, I would.

If you don’t know any of the specifics, I can tell you that their product are one of the few drugs that have been successfully used to treat multiple sclerosis. The pharmaceutical company, and their investors, have been known to do some crazy and experimental things. The only reason I wasn’t able to buy their stock online was because they had to wait six months or more for a patent on the drug.

Their stock is traded at $0.22 a share. This is the smallest of their investors’ capital. So we can imagine buying a large block of shares at $0.23 a share. This is why I think it is probably an acceptable price to invest in, as the stock trades for much more. While you can theoretically buy an entire stock from a company, you actually need to invest in a lot of shares to really make a good return on your investment.

So we could say there is no point in investing in stocks, as they are worth much less than the price of the company itself. But I think that we would be wrong in saying that there is no point in buying a stock. Just as buying a house is a good investment, you should buy a stock as a very low price. So if we bought a large block of shares at 0.23 a share, we would invest $23,000 in the stock.

That’s a lot of money. We need to understand that when we invest we are buying a stock. So if we invest in a stock, we will need to pay a fair price, which is to say a lower price than the price of the company. In other words, if we bought a large block of shares at 0.23 a share, we need to pay 23,000 to buy that stock.

Of course, if we bought a stock at 0.23 a share, the company is worth 23,000. I know because I have a calculator that does this. But you don’t need to have a calculator because you can just do this math yourself. This is called a discount calculator, and you can find one by doing a search. Just remember to double-check your calculations for accuracy. You may notice that we are actually buying a lot of shares at 0.23.

I know the majority of you are probably thinking “Well, if I get a stock at 0.23, I can get 23,000 shares at 0.23,” but in reality the math is reversed. There are 23,000 shares in the company at 0.23, one for every one you buy. But you can buy them at 0.23 because you are still paying 23,000, not 0.23.

Of course you could buy 0.23 shares at 0.23 each, but it would be like buying a bag of sand at 0.23. I think any stock that has 0.23 in it is actually worth less than 0.23. It’s more like buying a bag of sand at 0.09.

You don’t get enough of a “bag of sand” joke here. I’m sure you don’t have a bag of sand either.

I just want to reiterate that there are stocks that have a price in that 0.23 range but there is no chance that you will ever make money on them. That is just a huge mistake. In fact, you could make money on some stocks like this over the long term, but you will never make money on them. Its like selling a bag of sand at 0.09 and expecting to make money. You will never make money on a bag of sand.



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