100 Muslim Boy Names Starting With A


Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision, reflecting your cultural heritage, beliefs, and aspirations for your child. In Islamic tradition, names hold great importance as they often carry meanings that embody virtues or values that parents wish to instill in their children. If you’re looking for Muslim boy names starting with the letter “A,” here is a curated list of 100 names along with their meanings:

Islamic Boy Names Starting With “A”:

1. Aariz

Meaning: Respectable Man

2. Aaban

Meaning: Angel

3. **Aaraf

Meaning: Hope

4. **Aahil

Meaning: Prince

5. **Aadil

Meaning: Just

6. **Aalim

Meaning: Scholar

7. **Aamir

Meaning: Prosperous

8. **Aaqib

Meaning: Follower

9. **Aasim

Meaning: Protector

10. **Aayan

Meaning: God’s gift

11. **Aazim

Meaning: Determined

12. **Aadhil

Meaning: Honorable

13. **Aban

Meaning: Old Arabic name

14. **Abbas

Meaning: Lion

15. **Abdul

Meaning: Servant of God

16. **Abdullah

Meaning: Servant of Allah

17. **Abid

Meaning: Worshipper

18. **Abraar

Meaning: Good

19. **Abrar

Meaning: Pious

20. **Absaar

Meaning: Vision

21. **Afif

Meaning: Chaste

22. **Afdal

Meaning: Excellent

23. **Ahmad

Meaning: Most praised

24. **Ahsan

Meaning: The best

25. **Ajwad

Meaning: Better

26. **Akbar

Meaning: Great

27. **Akhdan

Meaning: Best Friend

28. **Akif

Meaning: Focused

29. **Ala

Meaning: Superior

30. **Ali

Meaning: High

31. **Alim

Meaning: Wise

32. **Alman

Meaning: Kind

33. **Altair

Meaning: Bird

34. **Aman

Meaning: Safety

35. **Amir

Meaning: Leader

36. **Amtullah

Meaning: Female servant of Allah

37. **Anas

Meaning: Affectionate

38. **Aniq

Meaning: Neat

39. **Aqeel

Meaning: Wise

40. **Arham

Meaning: Merciful

41. **Arif

Meaning: Knowledgeable

42. **Ariq

Meaning: Breaker

43. **Arkan

Meaning: Strong

44. **Arshad

Meaning: Pious

45. **Arslan

Meaning: Lion

46. **Asad

Meaning: Lion

47. **Asim

Meaning: Protector

48. **Aslam

Meaning: Peaceful

49. **Aswad

Meaning: Black

50. **Ata

Meaning: Gift

51. **Ateeb

Meaning: Fragrant

52. **Athar

Meaning: Pure

53. **Atif

Meaning: Compassionate

54. **Atiq

Meaning: Ancient

55. **Aun

Meaning: Helper

56. **Awn

Meaning: Supporter

57. **Ayman

Meaning: Lucky

58. **Ayyub

Meaning: Job

59. **Azam

Meaning: Great

60. **Azim

Meaning: Mighty

61. **Azlan

Meaning: Lion

62. **Azmat

Meaning: Respect

63. **Aarav

Meaning: Wisdom

64. **Aariz

Meaning: Leader

65. **Aaryan

Meaning: Of the Aryan race

66. **Aayan

Meaning: Gift of God

67. **Aazaad

Meaning: Free

68. **Abhaay

Meaning: Fearless

69. **Abheek

Meaning: Fearless

70. **Abheer

Meaning: Cowherd

71. **Achintya

Meaning: Inconceivable

72. **Adheer

Meaning: Restless

73. **Adhik

Meaning: More

74. **Adhya

Meaning: First power

75. **Adit

Meaning: Bright

76. **Aditya

Meaning: The sun

77. **Advaith

Meaning: Unique

78. **Ayaansh

Meaning: Part of parents

79. **Aayush

Meaning: Long life

80. **Abeer

Meaning: Fragrance

81. **Abhinav

Meaning: Brand new

82. **Abhiraam

Meaning: Pleasure

83. Abhiram

Meaning: Handsome

84. **Abhishek

Meaning: Ritual

85. **Abram

Meaning: Exalted father

86. **Achyuth

Meaning: Imperishable

87. **Adarsh

Meaning: Ideal

88. **Adhrit

Meaning: Believe in

89. **Adhvaryu

Meaning: Priest

90. **Adinarayana

Meaning: Lord Venkateshwara

91. **Aditya

Meaning: Sun

92. **Adwit

Meaning: Unique

93. **Adwik

Meaning: Unique

94. **Aftab

Meaning: Sun

95. **Agastya

Meaning: Name of a sage

96. **Agharsh

Meaning: Sun

97. **Aghosh

Meaning: Quiet

98. **Agrim

Meaning: Leader

99. **Ahan

Meaning: Rich

100. **Ahilya

Meaning: Maiden

Choosing a name for your baby boy can be an enriching and beautiful experience. Each name on this list carries not just a meaning but a legacy of faith and cultural significance. Remember to consider the meanings, origins, and resonance of the names as you make your decision. May your child bring joy, blessings, and all the richness of their name into your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Muslim Boy Names:

1. Can I choose a modern name for my Muslim baby boy?

Yes, you can choose modern names for your baby boy as long as they have positive meanings and do not contradict Islamic beliefs.

2. Does the order of names matter for Muslim baby boys?

In Islamic tradition, the order of names is not significant. The most important aspect is the meanings and origins of the names chosen.

3. How can I ensure the name I choose is suitable for my Muslim baby boy?

You can consult with Islamic scholars, use resources like Islamic name books, or search online databases to ensure the name aligns with Islamic values and meanings.

4. Is it necessary for the name to start with a specific letter for Muslim baby boys?

No, it is not mandatory for Muslim baby boys’ names to start with a specific letter. However, choosing a name starting with a letter considered auspicious can be a personal preference.

5. Can I use a non-Arabic name for my Muslim baby boy?

Yes, you can use non-Arabic names as long as they have positive meanings and do not go against Islamic teachings. It’s essential to understand the significance of the name chosen.



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