Track the 12904 Train Running Status Online


Train running status can be easily tracked online for Indian Railways trains, including the 12904 Golden Temple Mail. Passengers and individuals who need to stay updated on the live running status of this train can do so through various online platforms and applications. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to track the 12904 train running status online effectively.

Where to Find Train Running Status Online

Official Indian Railways Website

The official Indian Railways website,, provides a reliable platform to check the live running status of trains. Users can enter the train number, such as 12904 in this case, to get real-time updates on the train’s location and expected arrival time.

National Train Enquiry System (NTES)

The National Train Enquiry System, available at, is a go-to platform for tracking train running status. Users can input the train number, select the starting date of the journey, and receive detailed information about the 12904 Golden Temple Mail train.

Mobile Applications

Various mobile applications like “Where is my Train” and “NTES Train Enquiry” offer convenient ways to track train running status on the go. Simply input the train number 12904 to access real-time updates, including delays and expected arrival times.

Steps to Track Train Running Status Online

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the Indian Railways official website or NTES platform.

  2. Enter Train Number: Input the train number “12904” in the designated search bar.

  3. Select Date: Choose the date of the journey or current date to view the live running status.

  4. Get Live Updates: Receive detailed information such as the train’s current location, upcoming stations, expected arrival time, and any delays.

Benefits of Tracking Train Running Status Online

  • Real-Time Updates: Stay informed about the exact location and expected arrival time of the 12904 train.

  • Plan Ahead: Anticipate delays or changes in the train schedule to plan your journey efficiently.

  • Avoid Crowds: Check if the train is running late to avoid unnecessary waiting at the station.

  • Enhanced Travel Experience: Ensure a smoother and stress-free journey by staying updated on the train’s running status.

FAQs on Tracking 12904 Train Running Status Online

  1. Can I track the 12904 Golden Temple Mail train running status on mobile apps?
  2. Yes, mobile applications like “Where is my Train” and “NTES Train Enquiry” provide live updates on the 12904 train status.

  3. Is it essential to know the train number to track its running status online?

  4. Yes, entering the correct train number, in this case, 12904, is crucial to accessing accurate updates.

  5. How often is the train running status information updated on online platforms?

  6. Train running status information is usually updated in real-time to provide the latest details to passengers.

  7. Can I track the 12904 train running status for future dates?

  8. Yes, you can check the running status for upcoming dates to plan your journey ahead.

  9. Are there any charges for tracking the 12904 train running status online?

  10. Tracking train running status online through official platforms like NTES is usually free of charge.

By following these simple steps and utilizing the recommended platforms, passengers and railway enthusiasts can easily track the 12904 Golden Temple Mail train running status online. Stay informed, plan your journey effectively, and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience with real-time updates on train movements.



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